26 November, 2010

These are the lenticular images of Zac I have sent to some publishers with a card featuring the synopsis of the story. They are rather diminutive in size and might get mistaken for Christmas cards, but maybe this will work in my favour:)

Each publisher has a different policy when it comes to submissions, many asking not to be sent manuscripts. So I'm hoping these cards give a bit of a taster and beg to be followed up:)

15 November, 2010

Zac Spanner

Zac Spanner is a personal project I am working on at the moment. It is almost in a state worthy of sending out to Art Director's. I will be producing little lenticular business cards featuring Zac in an attempt to grab their attention:)

This is the basic synopsis of the story:

Zac is a genius inventor. His parents are dull and boring bird-watching enthusiasts. They don't approve of technology and have banned all gadgets from the house. Zac’s only refuge is his secret laboratory hidden in the attic above his bedroom.
Whilst his parents are out on a hunt to find a rare bird, Zac hears disturbing noises coming from the basement. He discovers something which also attracts the attention of a couple of aliens with a particularly bad attitude. Speaking in a strange mix of Shakespearian English and cockney-rhyming-slang, they explain to Zac their intentions to use Planet-Earth for a spot of target practice.
Zac is in deep trouble and his parents are due back at any moment….