25 September, 2007

A Christmas card in progress

I've been asked to do an Xmas card for our Rugby Club this year so I thought you might like to see it as a 'work in progress'. I'm doing it digitally, in Corel Painter and using oil painting type brushes.

Here is the rough :

And here it is so far, I've dropped the line work onto the dark background and am applying layers of colour.

It looks quite dark at the moment but in the end I'd like it to have the feel of this card (in the best Blue Peter tradition, here's one I did earlier!):

Feel free to post comments!
Sue W


muddy red shoes said...

I love your christmas cards sue.

Sue said...

Why thankyou! :-) You're no slouch yourself, I still have one of yours.

muddy red shoes said...

we need a few more people on this blog...come out come out wherever you are!