11 March, 2008

New work computer?

Hi fellow GCI-ers, I'd like to pick the brains of the computer users amongst you.

I need to start looking for a new computer for my illustration work. My present one (Powermac 867 dual mirror door for the techies among you) is at least 5 years old and although chugging along still, I'd like to replace it before it expires.

Now my question is this: do I spend an awful lot of money on a new basic Mac Pro model which I know will do the job and last me another 5 years or so...or do I go for a much cheaper and more compact imac with 24" screen? The thing I worry about is the screen...is it up to professional standard colour correction for publication? I read on a forum that there are issues with some units having uneven screen illumination, which isn't good news.

Does anybody out there have any thoughts? (Apart from buy a Windows machine....not an option. ) All opinions welcomed and thanks.



Chris.P said...

Sorry i can't help with your decision, but I'd love a new imac myself. I have to make do with a pc.

Personally I would settle for a 24 incher with or without the imperfections:¬)

GCI said...

Hi Sue,
I faced the same decision myself after having my old Mac for 7 years! I opted for a reconditioned dual process 2GB G5. A reputable second hand machine can be a good option from a reliable source. I have never been keen on iMacs but they have come such a long way. Screens can be a problem and calibration is not as good as top quality stand alone monitors. What I would recommend is you might still save money by buying the iMac as well as a good quality colour calibrated monitor that you use along side the main machine. Having two screens as an illustrator is great if you use onscreen reference etc. I use a LaCie photon 20 vision but sadly they are very hard to come by now. I'd say with confidence they rival the Mac monitors (which as SOoo expensive). You can't loose with the more costly Mac Pro, but either way print ready colour perfect work is always a tricky business.
Good luck, and enjoy your new beast when you've made your choice!
All the best
(via GCI)

Sue said...

Chris...nothing wrong with PeeCees, I started with them and got on ok. I got on better though with the Mac, but it's a personal thing. I wouldn't want to start the dreaded Mac v PC flame wars on here! :-))

Kerry, Thanks for your input; much appreciated.Yes, I'm looking at a reconditioned Mac Pro as a possibility as I haven't heard a single bad word about them if they're from Apple or one of their outlets. They're covered by the same apple guarantees too. Might be the way. I have a little time to make the final decision...unless my present Mac suddenly goes belly up...argh!