11 April, 2008

Association of Illustrators Questionnaire

The AOI has asked if we could make our illustrators aware of a survey they are running about the illustration market place (and also about some of the AOI's services).

You don't have to be an AOI member to fill in the questionnaire and it is anonymous so you may wish to contribute and help them exceed the 250 responses they received in 2004.

The responses they receive are used to compile statistics to help them when lobbying on behalf of the Illustration industry...

"The Association of Illustrators is currently engaged in an important industry wide information gathering exercise that relates to all illustrators, the commercial practices of commissioners and supply of statistical information to influence Government and various lobbying groups etc. Deadline is Monday 21 April.

It would be very much appreciated if you could take 6-7 minutes out to fill in the on-line questionnaire below. Just click on the link."


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