15 May, 2008

These are the last of the illustrations for my latest brief. The starfish was a bit of an epic, having to attach dozens if not hundreds of legs and spines, many of which decided to fall off mid camera shoot.


Sue said...

Good work! I'm not sure I'd have had the patience when bits started dropping off! I really like that starfish though.

Chris.P said...

Thanks Sue:¬) I hope I don't get another job calling for so many legs!

Models like that fall apart in a few days. It's like creating ice sculpture they are very transient.

Leighton Noyes said...

Inspiring stuff Chris. So inspiring in fact that I've started making models myself although I haven't gotten beyond snakes and sausages yet. Snakes and sausages are my speciality. So long as they're made from plasticine, natch.