10 July, 2008

Current Projects

I had an email from a design studio I worked with on my last commissiom. They said the author didn't make clear what he wanted when he asked for a shellfish as a thumbnail image. I had photographed my crab from a different angle to the main illustration but they really wanted a Scallop or something similar. So I created one in plasticine. I modelled the basic shape in white, then put some pink clay through a pasta machine and layered this on top. I then cut away strips of clay with a scalpel and incised grooves into the surface to blend it together. It's only going to appear as a small image so the detail should be sufficient.

Below the scallop shell is an image of three armatures for the current commission. They are for the hen, duck and horse. Below that are the animals at various stages of development. The horse and duck are semi-roughed out. I modelled the hen's body but decided I would need more detail for the head. So I did that separately and added it to the body in Photoshop! Shown at the bottom of this post.


Claire Tindall said...

Hi Chris, I love your chicken! I'm really enjoying seeing all your work going through it's various stages on the blog. It looks like a lovely medium to be working in but I guess it requires alot of patience too.

Leighton Noyes said...

Hello mate, the close attention to detail in your models is fantastic, especially the colouring of the shell. And the models all look so clean and smudge free!

Chris.P said...

Just got back from a trip away. Thanks for your encouraging comments:¬)

The difficult thing with this medium is trying to make it look like you've put alot of work into it, whilst retaining the imperfect homemade look. Achieving the crap/perfect balance is quite tricky sometimes.

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