20 March, 2008

Again something historical.....

.......but now slightly different.
This is one from a series of four illustrations which I did for - and to be used in - an archeological exhibition in the town-museum of the city of Vlaardingen (near Rotterdam). The pictures tell the story of one of the earliest counts of Holland in his struggle for independance from the German emperor in the battle of Vlaardingen in AD 1018. In this battle the poorly armed Frisians (as they were called) defeated the mighty German army, which could hardly manoeuvre on the - at that time - inaccessible, swampy terrain of the dutch delta, full of water-courses, dikes, swamps, puddles and ditches. As a result almost all soldiers were killed by the dutch or drowned, while withdrawing in panic. the Duke of Lorraine was captured and served as a hostage in the negotiations with the Emperor. Ultimately this event led to the rise of the powerfull county of Holland.
Because image-sources from that time are very rare, my client and I agreed to use a very rich informative and famous contemporary source from 1066: the Bayeux Tapestry; which I did with much pleasure, for it's fabulous!

18 March, 2008

New Work

Hi everyone, it's been really great seeing all the work up on the blog so I thought it was about time I had a go too. This is a painting inspired by a weekend at a cottage when I was a child, I usually work with gouache or watercolour but thought it would be nice to try some acrylics and have a go at painting on canvas.

11 March, 2008

New work computer?

Hi fellow GCI-ers, I'd like to pick the brains of the computer users amongst you.

I need to start looking for a new computer for my illustration work. My present one (Powermac 867 dual mirror door for the techies among you) is at least 5 years old and although chugging along still, I'd like to replace it before it expires.

Now my question is this: do I spend an awful lot of money on a new basic Mac Pro model which I know will do the job and last me another 5 years or so...or do I go for a much cheaper and more compact imac with 24" screen? The thing I worry about is the screen...is it up to professional standard colour correction for publication? I read on a forum that there are issues with some units having uneven screen illumination, which isn't good news.

Does anybody out there have any thoughts? (Apart from buy a Windows machine....not an option. ) All opinions welcomed and thanks.