20 August, 2009

A small triumph

When I'm not beavering away at the GCI day job, I love to make wood engraved prints. I engrave on box, lemon or pear endgrain wood and print them on my vintage Farley galley press.

Last year I submitted a print to the Society of Wood Engravers Annual Exhibition, and I'm pleased to say the print was accepted. It travelled around the UK for a year with the other 117 prints , showing at Bankside Gallery in London, Bristol City Museum, Northern Print in Newcastle and Art Jericho, in Oxford.

This year, I submitted another print, above, for this year's exhibition and to my delight, it was also selected. I don't know the itinerary of venues for this year, except it will be shown again at Bankside Gallery, details below:

72nd Annual Exhibition

The 72nd Annual Exhibition will take place from 22nd September 2009 until 4th October 2009 at:

The Bankside Gallery
48 Hopton Street
London SE1 9JH

Telephone 020 7928 7521

Email info@banksidegallery.com
Website www.banksidegallery.com

The exhibition will include an additional display of the 25 engravings from the BOX 25 that were commissioned to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the refounding of the Society.
Open daily 11am – 6pm.

I will post the other venues and dates when I have them.


John said...

Well done, Sue and it shows great skill!


Sue said...

Thanks, John! :-)

muddy red shoes said...

well done, not suprised it is lovely, looks like porthleven!