15 October, 2009

Come in Number 10...

...and make way for number 11, Matt Smith.

I was asked just recently to supply a drawing of the new Dr Who reading the very first issue of Dr Who Weekly from way back in 1979. The drawing I've done is going to be used on the cover of a non-profit making fanzine along with all ten previous Doctors who have each been drawn by ten different contributing illustrators of Dr Who Weekly/Magazine through the years. And I'm privileged to share the cover with some downright talented and famous names.
The fanzine will concentrate on the history of the Dr Who comic strip with interviews with some of the major movers and shakers who've brought the Doctor's comic strip adventures to life.

When the final cover image is available I'll post it up here. It's all very exciting for a Dr Who fan like me and I'm going to go and have a sit down now, it's making me quite giddy.


zara slattery said...

My daughter is a HUGE Dr Who fan(As is her mother). She will be mightily impressed.

Chris.P said...

Congrats. I look forward to seeing the finished cover

Leighton Noyes said...

Hello Zara, your daughter has great taste. As does her mother. All children should be made to watch Dr Who, it should be part of their coursework at school. I think.
Hello Cris, Cheers mate- I'm looking forward to seeing it myself.