10 May, 2010

My thoughts are with Duncan and Helen at this very sad time.
He was a fantastic Agent, I will miss him very much. Especially his daft phone voices.
My kids called him "Agent Mike" which made him sound a bit like a James Bond character, I think he would have liked that!
Good bye Mike.
with love from Sarah W  xx

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Sue said...

I'd like to echo Sarah's sentiments. Mike was a lovely bloke who worked tirelessly for his artists. Kindly and generous, a real 'good egg'.

His 'silly' stories were legend in our house. He used to ring me and using an outrageously bad Irish accent, attempt to sell me a load of asphalt for my driveway, before slipping once more into 'agent' mode! I'm missing that ready wit of his already.

We have you in our thoughts, Helen and Duncan.

Bye, Mike....you were a good friend.

Sue W XX