20 August, 2010

Quite printeresting?

 Away from the 'day' job illustrating, I carve at small blocks of wood with delicate cutting tools and when there are enough cut lines, I roll lots of smelly black ink on and print the result in an elderly proofing press that I've adopted.  I've just had two prints accepted into the Society of Wood Engravers annual travelling exhibition, for the third year running. It's the first time I've had BOTH entries accepted, which has really pleased me. Just a small fanfare, please....... ;-)

 The first is called 'Winter Walkies' and shows an old mine engine house local to us, this whole area is riddled with these solid, almost castle-like ruins.

The second is called 'Late Shopping' and shows a coastal village with a large and rather inappropriate supermarket.


Sarah Wimperis said...

tan ta ta rah...well done

Sue said...

Thank ee ma'am! :-))