15 August, 2011

I got the belly bug!

Bellyboarding bug, that is! What is a bellyboard? Simply put...it's a surfboard that you ride on your belly in the breaking waves. No tedious standing up required! (Much appreciated by less athletic types like me!)

Bellyboards have been around since the beginning of the 1900s in this country. They're designed to be ridden in shallower water than 'stand up' surfboards and are ridden by all ages. There haven't been many about for a long time, most people in the shallows have those new-fangled foam bodyboards, while bellies are made of wood, mostly marine ply. But recently the bellyboards have just started gaining popularity again. They ride lower in the waves than a foam board and much faster, which makes for lots of fun!

Anyway, here's mine:
Before I gave it a little paint job.........

...and after!

And in September I am entering the World Bellyboard Championships! (Just for the fun of it you understand, my surfing ability won't win me any prizes!) Wetsuits are banned for this event, so pray for warm waters for me! I'll let you know how I get on. 

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