26 September, 2008

Making an exhibitor of myself!

Some of you may remember the little wood engraving print I made of our Jack Russell Charlie last year...well, I submitted a print of him to the Society of Wood Engravers Annual Exhibition and he got selected!

So this Tuesday saw hubby and I down at the Bankside Gallery in London, attending the Private View. We had a thoroughly enjoyable time, speaking to fellow engravers whose work I have admired for a long time. The buzz of seeing my print hung in such distinguished company was priceless.

The exhibition travels around the UK over the next few months, so if anybody has the urge to go and see a collection of amazing craftsmanship and artistry, go and feast your eyes.

Exhibition venues

Bankside Gallery, London 23.09.2008–05.10.2008

Bristol, City Museum and Art Gallery 11.10.2008–14.12.2008

Newcastle on Tyne, Northern Print 16.01.2008–21.03.2009

Art Jericho, 6 King Street, Jericho, Oxford 22.05.2008–27.06.2009


John said...

Congratulations Sue!
Exhibiting in London, and in what company; you must be very proud.

In my days at art academy - some 30 odd years ago - I had a teacher called Lou Strik, a well-known Dutch wood- and copper engraver, who I admired very much.
Unfortunately he passed away in 2001.
Among other things he made beautiful bookplates.
Have you ever heard of him?

Sue said...

Hi John, Thanks. No, I don't think I've heard of Lou Strik. I shall have to google him and see if any of his work is out on the web.

muddy red shoes said...

well done, I thought he was a lovely little chap!