25 November, 2008

It's that time again...

...and here is my personal card. As you can see, the theme is as usual a Cornish village in an unlikely covering of snow. In the foreground is a rather Barbara Hepworth-ish sculpture garden, inspired by my visit to St Ives this year. This is my ideal garden and given the chance I would have brought it home with me.
You can see hubby and I walking the hound and son and his fiancee admiring the tree.
I have had to farm the printing of these out this year, due to a regrettable breakdown of the steam printing machine tethered to the computer.

1 comment:

Chris.P said...

Another great Xmas card offering from you Sue:¬)

I only live up the road, but I have only visited Barbara Hepworths sculpture garden once!

I must go again soon as they have a two for one ticket offer!