21 April, 2009

London Book Fair 2009

Back from an Easter break and straight up to the London Book Fair where I finally met some of our very good friends from Folens. It is always nice to put a face to a name (and voice) when we spend so much time communicating digitally...

...and on the subject of digital, you may have heard of the Espresso Book machine which was on display at the LBF: "named for the speed with which it can print a book - is designed to print and bind between 15 and 20 paperback books per hour (depending on the length of the book). The machine is designed to allow the public on-demand access to a huge selection of literature in an array of languages. Users just walk up to the machine, select a book from the catalog, and wait a few minutes for their book to print."

It doesn't serve coffee while you wait though. Darn!

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