05 November, 2007

And now for some thing completely different.....

This is a wood engraving of our Jack Russell Charlie, that I've been working on in odd moments. Almost finished (just clearing out some background that kept picking up ink and printing itself). I must say I do enjoy the slowness of engraving...the delibarateness that is necessary; once a cut is made in the block, you can't erase or un-cut it. What a change to the comparatively frantic dashing out of illustrations in the course of 'the day job'!

I'm also still getting used to my press, an old Farley galley press , fresh from the composing room of some Lancashire printer, victim of the new photo-lithographic age. It found a home in my already-cosily-proportioned studio, next to the Mac. Proper job! (As they do say down in Cornwall)

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GCI said...

Now Charlie looks like a dog of much character - I should like to meet him. That is certainly a different side to your Mac work. Very therapeutic I should imagine.