07 November, 2007

One of the Three Pigs

I thought I'd get my watercolours out for a change. Here's my first offering. Please be gentle:¬)


John said...

Is this the rough for your GCI portfolio version of the bricklaying pig?
To be honest, I prefer the latter, because of the combination with the
Do you really make all those items by hand? If so, it's amazing!
It must take a lot of time to make them?

Chris.P said...

Hi John. When I create a background for an illo' I just leave a blank where I imagine the character is going to go. In this case I just filled the blank with a watercolour pig.

Thanks for the nice comment about the models. I do make the model, photograph it and compose it against a watercolour or digital background.

I have been doing a lot of digital 3D recently so wanted to have a bit of downtime with a traditional 'one stage' medium such as watercolour.