05 November, 2007

Dutch Golden Age (17th century)

First of all I want to apologise for my poor english; I hope I'm able to convey my meaning.
Currently I'm working on 5 full-colour illustrations (42 x 28 cm) on the Dutch Golden Age,
which will be printed on a 60 x 40 cm size and used for educational purposes.
Here are two roughs; one of a ficticious master-painters studio and another of a dutch VOC-ship lying on the roads of the dutch colony of Batavia roundabout 1650 AD.
Still to do: merchants and beggars, the siege of a dutch town by the Spaniards and scientific discoveries.


Sue said...

Great detail in those drawings, it must have taken a lot of research. I bet the one showing beggars will be interesting to do!

Jane said...

This is Jane just having set up with Google - yes, I did it all on my own!
John it is lovely to see your drawings, I can see that a great deal of research and time is going into this, I hope it is appreciated. Aren't you glad you can buy paint in a tube these days?

John said...

Yes, it does take a lot of research, but i love doing these kind of drawings and there are - of course - lots and lots of contemporary paintings, by eg Rembrandt, Frans Hals, Jan Steen, Van Ostade and many more, which I can use as a source.
And yes Jane, you can call me old-fashioned (who said this again?), but I do indeed prefer paint from a tube rather than digital paint ;-)

Chris.P said...

Lovely drawing. Your use of perspective shows great skill.