29 November, 2007

Dutch golden Age II

Just to complete the series, including some beggars especially for Sue.

And my client asked me to change the Batavia harbour scene a bit, because she thought it to be too crowded and I think she was right.


Sue said...

John, These are lovely! Such detail...and great beggars! ;-))


muddy red shoes said...

I agree with sue...very impressive

GCI said...

Great stuff John. Unfortunately, my knowledge of Dutch history isn't great and I am now intrigued as to what battle/siege the third illustration depicts?

John said...

Thank you for your kind comments.
And Duncan (or is it Mike?):
The siege is the one of the town of Alkmaar by the Spaniards in 1573, and is known as the event "where Victory began" (for the Dutch of course).
In the 16th century the Low
Countries were owned through heritance by Spain.The towns of Northern Holland, like Amsterdam, Haarlem, Alkmaar en Hoorn,
which were very develloped, rich and strategically important revolted.
This became the Eighty Years war.
From "Alkmaar" on, the Spaniards gradually lost more and more of their power in Holland.
In 1581 came into existance the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands, which develloped with great speed into a maritime worldpower, which caused the Dutch Golden Age (as we know it)in the 17th century.
Officially peace with Spain was reached only in 1648 with the peace treaty of M√ľnster.
Thus - in short - a bit of dutch history.

GCI said...

Thank you for the history lesson John - makes me realise quite how little World (non UK centric) history we are ever taught. Duncan